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Abrasive Blasting

Process by which an abrasive material is applied through a blasting nozzle by means of compressed air in order to create a profile to prepare the surface for coating and achieve adhesion. The specified anchor profile determines which blast media will be utilised. Maslow Skye Industrial uses the following Blast Media: • Steel Grit • Steel Shot • Copper Slag • Coal Sag • Glass Beads • Aluminum Oxide • Organic Blast Media.


Industrial Coating

Industrial Coating is defined by its protective properties rather than its aesthetic function. Typical industrial coatings consist of a primer, intermediate and top coat. The polymer film serves as a physical barrier between the substrate and the corrosive environment. Industrial coating is applicable to steel structures, buried and underground pipelines and storage tanks.
Maslow Skye Industrial offers: • Industrial coatings : based on the clients assets specific function and environment • Supply of coatings for industrial assets,high performance, thermal coating and submerged assets in highly corrosive and flammable environments. • Application: Spray : Methods of spray application are: - Conventional (air) spray - Airless - Air-assisted airless spray - High-volume, low-pressure (HVLP) spray


Pressure Cleaning

Removal of contaminants or restoration of the surface profile (in order to prepare the substrate for coating) using water as a medium through pressurised equipment.
• Low-pressure water cleaning (LP WC) uses water pressure less than 5,000 psi (34 MPa); • High-pressure water cleaning (HP WC) uses water pressure between 5,000 to 10,000 psi (34 to 70 MPa); • High-pressure water jetting (HP WJ) uses water pressure between 10,000 to 25,000 psi (70 to 170 MPa); • Ultrahigh-pressure water jetting uses pressures above 25,000 psi (170 MPa)


Thermal Insulation

In general, heat always flows from warmer to cooler surfaces. This flow does not stop until the temperature in the two surfaces is equal. Heat is ‘transferred’ by three different means: conduction, convection and radiation. Insulation reduces the transference of heat.
Maslow Skye Industrial serves industrial facilities, such as power plants, refineries, mines, food and beverage industries, ethanol plants, and paper mills where mechanical thermal insulations are installed to control heat gain or heat loss as well as acoustic insulation is installed for noise reduction on process piping and equipment, steam and condensate distribution systems, boilers, smoke stacks, bag houses and precipitators, and storage tanks.


Pipe Wrapping

Pipe Wrapping creates a physical barrier that is moisture proof, inert and Non-conducting. Whether the need is to protect overhead piping in industrial applications, exposed pipe anywhere, or direct burial piping, this tape gives a completely uniform coating all around.


Rope Access

Rope Access is a type of suspended access system. The main differences between rope access and other types of suspended access is that in rope access:
�• A harness is incorporated as the primary means of attachment to the technician. �• The technician is suspended directly by a rope, not indirectly as in the other types. �• The system uses two separately secured systems, one as a means of access, Egress and work positioning, and the other as a back-up security. �• In addition to being a suspended access system, the system is also a personal protective system. �• The work



Maslow Skye Industial supplies, hires, erect and dismantles all types of scaffolding as required by clients.
Maslow Skye Industial complies with the minimum safety standards OHS ACT. THE CODE OF PRACTICE: “SANS 10085-1:2004, The design, erection, use and inspection of access scaffolding”, (previously called SABS 085-2000) highly emphasizes that the use of trained personnel to erect/maintain scaffolding is previously the most essential factor preventing incident/accidents on scaffolds.
Maslow Skye Industial scaffolding fully complies with the relevant SABS specifi cations and conforms to the Kwikstage system, where the “standards” are fi tted with insertion cups eliminating the use of connectors. Scaffold equipment used by Maslow Skye Industial is well maintained and checked by our qualifi ed scaffolding inspectors on site. Erection of scaffolding is done in accordance with the SANS 10085 Code with well-trained and competent crews and supervision. It is compulsory for all scaffolding supervisors to attend and complete a Safe Scaffold Inspection Course presented by a competent institution ensuring high and safe standards.


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